Video Guideline

Win more games to get X1000 MULTIPLIER!
Win Streak 1 3 5 12 16 18
Rewards 5 10 20 x2 x5 x10
How to Join
  • Game duration: 90 minutes only. (Game penalty will not be counted in the game result).
  • Player able to get Golden Ball to join the mini game with every deposit transaction of minimum RM100 made.
  • Maximum 100 Golden Ball to get everyday
  • Player to bet between the three outcomes (Home Win, Away Win & Draw) with the available Golden Ball. Golden Ball will be expired after the match time (3am, every matches).
  • Player will not be able to change the bet once they choose the preffered outcome and place bet.
  • If player win, they will be rewarded with the equilavent number of Golden Ball they wagered. For instance, player played the game with betting 5 Golden Ball, they will be rewarded with 5 Golden Ball.
  • Player can bet maximum of 100 Golden Ball on each match.
  • Player will receive the extra rewards if they achieve the target winning round.
  • 1 winning Golden Ball = 5 credits. The winning Golden Ball & extra rewards can be transferred to main wallet (1x turnover for normal winning rewards, 5x turnover for extra rewards, both for slot & fish game only)
  • After the match concludes, the winning credits will be rewarded to player's main wallet within 3 hours.
  • The amount of extra rewards player can get will be based on the player tier.
  • Match cut off time: one hour before the match. If there are two matches on the day, player need to bet the team with their available credit at the same time. Player can bet the Golden Ball which generated during the match time on the next match.
Group Stage's Rules & Rewards
  • Players able to join the 18 matches out of 36 actual group stage .
  • Player able to get the extra rewards (credit & multiplier, it will be based on the number of total win) if they get the specific number of total win among the group stage.
  • Exp: Player win for total 5 round of matches in the group stage and he bet 10 Golden Ball on the 5th match (1 Golden Ball = 5 credits). Hence, he will get 150 credits in total (50 winning credits + 100 extra winning credit) for the match.
Player Tier Targetted Winning Round
1 3 5 10 12 18
WE 8+ 18+ 2x 5x 10x 18x
GOLD 18+ 28+ 2x 5x 10x 18x
PLATINUM 28+ 88+ 2x 5x 10x 18x
PRESIDENT 88+ 108+ 168+ 8x 16x 48x
CHAIRMAN 148+ 188+ 248+ 16x 48x 68x
Knockout Stage's Rules & Rewards
  • Player able to get the extra credit (credit & multiplier) if they get the win streak. Amount of rewards to get are based on the win streak.
  • For instance, if player win the game 4x consecutively and he bet the 4th match with 15 Golden Ball (1 Golden Ball = 5 credits). Then he will get 450 credit in total (75 winning credits + 375 extra winning credits) for the match.
Player Tier Targetted Winning Round
2 4 8 10 12 15
WE 8+ 5x 10x 20x 50x 1000x
GOLD 18+ 5x 10x 20x 50x 1000x
PLATINUM 28+ 5x 10x 20x 50x 1000x
PRESIDENT 128+ 168+ 228+ 13x 48x 1000x
CHAIRMAN 168+ 228+ 328+ 48x 88x 1000x