2024/03/01 02:31:38  (GMT+8)
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Draw No.

Rules & Regulations

  • Minimum Deposit of MYR30 per transaction will be entitled for one Magnum Lucky 4D ticket.
  • One ticket value = MYR1
  • A day before the draw date:
    - For example, ticket on Tuesday can participate for draw on Wednesday. - Ticket on Wednesday can participate for the next draw.
  • Members can get tickets every time they deposit when the requirement of minimum deposit amount has reached.
  • For members who win 4D prizes need to claim via Live Chat.
  • All players must be aged 18 or over.
  • Weclub General Promotions TeMYRs & Conditions apply.


Prize money for Big Forecast
For this Forecast, as shown in the table below, with every MYR1 bet, the 1st Prize pays MYR2,500, 2nd Prize MYR1,000, 3rd Prize MYR500, Special Prize MYR200 and Consolation Prize MYR60.

1st Prize MYR 2,500.00
2nd Prize MYR 1,000.00
3rd Prize MYR 500.00
Special Prize MYR 200.00
Consolation Prize MYR 60.00