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Responsible Gaming

Weclub88 Responsible Gaming Trusted Online Casino Malaysia

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Responsible Gaming

Community Responsibility

Weclub88 is devoted to encouraging players to take responsible gaming as a form of controlled entertainment past time. Any over enjoying of remote gambling may be brought about the propensity of new habit conditioning in which may impact your life and finances. Therefore under age are strictly precluded to play the online casino game. Grown-up are advised to take up responsible gaming practices. For most players, remote gaming is an unwinding and enjoyable time passing activities. However, a careful mindset for unsurpassed must be at own account.

As a socially responsible company, we are taking the proactive measurement on preventing community degrading value in life. For this Weclub88 has fastened up our strict routine account checking for this reason of responsible gambling policy.

Under Age Gambling rule

All gamers must meet the minimum of 18 years and above to become a player and any underage individual will be disqualified in playing or placing a bet on any of the provided game at Weclub88 Responsible Gaming Online Casino Malaysia Regulation Rules.

Weclub88 Trusted Responsible Gaming Online Casino has adopted and is fully committed to the strictest application and enforcement of the following policies: To further strengthen this practice we have deployed a complex advance software in verification check and may require member documentary proof to confirm age if found suspicious.

No pay-out for any unqualified players

Being a socially responsible company means taking caring of our players, means having a proactive approach to the problems that may affect the community. For this reason, we need to uphold our policy of no underage by implementing no pay-out rule for any unqualified players without gender or races discriminations.

Please take note that we will NOT pay to an underage customer. We will stop any suspicious account if deem unqualify in minimum age and customer will be refunded only his deposit without any winning pay-out on his previous winning bet.